Privacy Policy

Protecting your Privacy


Metro Parking Pty Ltd is committed to protecting your privacy. In accordance with the amendments to the Privacy Act 1988 which came into effect on 21 December 2001, we comply with the National Privacy Principles set out in the Act. This policy outlines how Metro Parking Pty Ltd manages privacy protection of your personal information.

Business of Metro Parking

Metro Parking manages car parking facilities at several hospital campuses and commercial car park sites. Under those management agreements Metro Parking is required to provide and manage parking for the general public, hospital patients and hospital staff.

What personal information1 do we collect and why do we need it?

To enable us to fulfil our responsibilities as manager of car parking we need to collect information about vehicles parking, the identity and purpose of parkers, and their record of parking use. We use this information to monitor the use of the facilities, to ensure payment and for planning and business development purposes.

How do we collect the personal information?

The information is collected directly through completion by parkers of standard forms and from the relevant hospital administration. The information is recorded on computer files.
Wherever practicable, we will ask you for the information. However, we may need to contact others such as your employers, or the relevant hospital administration.
Information about use of parking is collected and recorded electronically via the car parking control equipment.

Who will see or have access to your personal information?

Unless we are required to provide your personal information to others by law, by court order or to investigate suspected fraud or other unlawful activity, your information will only be seen or used by persons working in or for Metro Parking and or by staff of the relevant hospital administration if applicable.
Our information systems and files are kept secured from unauthorised access and our staff and contracted agents and service providers have been informed of the importance we place on protecting your privacy and their role in helping us to do this.

What if I want to check what personal information you hold about me?

Subject to any legal restrictions, we would be happy to advise you what personal information we hold about you if you request this. There may be some cost to you in providing this information if your request is complex or requires detailed searching of our records.
If you believe there are errors in our records about you, please let us know and we will be happy to investigate and correct any inaccuracies.

Further information.

If you would like further information on our privacy policy or if you have any concerns over the privacy protection of the information you have given to us or that we have collected from others, please contact our Privacy Officer by Email at or by Fax on (03) 9600 4419.

1 [Definition of personal information as in the Privacy Act]